RAVE Skateboards, founded by PJ Chapuis, Aurelien Mangin and Tom Amio, is a French skateboard brand based in Bordeaux. It stands out for its singular approach to skateboarding, art and fashion. With unconventional products and designs, it offers quality boards and a range of clothing and accessories reflecting a strong identity and a committed community.

The brand is known for its commitment to the local and international skate scene, supporting skateboarders, organizing events and actively participating in the cultural life surrounding skateboarding. Elle a su se forger une identité propre grâce à ses collaborations artistiques et ses collections souvent inspirées de thèmes contemporains, parfois provocateurs, tout en restant fidèles à l'esprit du skateboard.

RAVE Skateboards thus attracts a varied public, from passionate skateboarders to fashion enthusiasts, eager to associate themselves with a brand that values individual expression and creativity.

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