Story mfg.

Story MFG, launched in 2013 by Saeed and Katy Al- Rubeyi in London, embodies "slow fashion" with an artisanal approach to fashion that respects the environment. The brand collaborates with a variety of dyers, embroiderers and tailors, and its manufacturing process incorporates multiple values related to animal welfare, regenerative agriculture, family values and well-chosen organic fabrics.
The idea for Story MFG arose from a desire for a more authentic and noble approach to fashion, aimed at promoting artistic practices that have been marginalized.
Her ready-to-wear is proof that sustainability, reduced waste and respect for animals can go hand in hand with creativity. It advocates transparency in its manufacturing processes and celebrates tradition through each of its creations - the brand pays homage to its name by weaving a narrative into each of its pieces.
Thanks to its niche positioning and extensive research into materials, dyes and artisanal processes, the brand regularly approaches luxury prices.
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