PROJET  Our Legacy

DATE  19.05.23



Our Legacy yesterday's heir, tomorrow's legacy.
Our Legacy Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Our Legacy is a Swedish label based in Stockholm created by Cristopher Nying and Jockum Hallin. the label made its debut in the world through the creation of a line of t-shirts, then in 2008 the two designers released their first complete collection.

Today, Our Legacy is led by its two original founders and Richardos Klaren.

The label by the will of the trio can not be associated with a fashion brand, indeed its ideology is more focused on the products in general, their quality, and what they represent.

It is indeed a ready-to-wear company but despite this one of the themes of its identity is to to stay away from trends. Being "anti-fashion" is one of the fundamental pillars of the label's ideology, and it is this positioning that determines the fact that Our Legacy, through its timelessness, provides constancy and stability.

Our Legacy practices a unique design process, combining old garments with new ones, including archival pieces from their early archival pieces from their early collections while combining them with innovative materials.

Since its inception, Our Legacy has been aware of the past and what it has inherited, while knowing perfectly how to adapting its heritage to its present. Today's high-end label turns to the luxury of upcycling and is thus already making its place in the future of textiles.

Indeed, having decided to transform the waste of the main lines of the brand a space called the "Work Shop" opened in Stockholm in 2016, it is a place that breaks the boundaries between the manufacture and It is a place that breaks the boundaries between the manufacture and marketing of clothing being both a store but also a workshop.

The label created a transparency with time by being aware of who and what made up the past, present and future. present and future. Our Legacy the legacy of previous generations aware of its present will become the legacy of tomorrow.