Project  Tahar Rahim

DATE  02.06.23



Tahar Rahim an actor conquering history

From an adolescent spectator hypnotized by theaters, now in the spotlight of the seventh art. art. Tahar Rahim's impressive journey from "A Prophet" in 2009 to "Snake" in 2023. In 2009 Tahar Rahim was discovered in "Un prophète", a masterful French-Italian film directed by Jacques Audiard.

A Prophet is a film of such realism that it borders on the documentary. The realism of this work is carried by the excellence of Tahar Rahim's acting as Malik El Djebena, a 19-year-old incarcerated young man young man of 19 years incarcerated and carried away by the tornado of prison life between violence and manipulation.

Tahar Rahim strikes hard with his person by representing this anti-hero at a turning point of his existence. Confronted with the violence of the confinement imposed on Man and the enslavement, the actor plays marvelously the evolution of his character, during the first moments sensitive to the fragile appearance he hardens to and makes his prison sentence an intellectual and personal enrichment rather than a punishment that comes to be which comes to be for us also a consequent learning and a memorable lesson of life.

A shocking confrontation due to an unpredictable and spectacular evolution of the character. In 2023 we find Tahar Rahim in The Snake, a dramatic police series, a provocative biopic of biopic with strong sensations. Created by Richard Warlow and Toby Finlay.

The series follows the true story of serial killer Charles Sobhraj who was active on the hippie trail in South Asia in the 1970s. Asia in the 1970s. In this series, Tahar Rahim has to play a manipulator, a murderer, real and still alive. challenge taken up by Tahar Rahim who knew how to incarnate Charles Sobhraj by having exercised a physical metamorphosis physical metamorphosis but also psychic by applying a theatrical exercise of style consisting in inspired by an animal in its way of being in order to transcribe its manners in his game, as part of the series series Tahar Rahim was inspired by the cobra, he saw in this animal a danger under cover of charm and elegance of elegance some of the characteristic features of Sobhraj.

With a chilling stoicism, Tahar Rahim embodies the vices of Charles Sobhraj to perfection. as an actor because of his multiple identity changes, he was able to draw inspiration from the man and learn from history and learn from the story introducing the viewer to the heart of the series.